Motiva PX for Healthcare

Patient engagement is vital to healthcare outcomes across the board. And patients desperately want better care and an experience that feels tailored and personal.

Our experiences as patients don’t feel like this. The result?  Disengaged, misinformed, and frustrated patients. Failed trials. Overworked staff. Missing patient data. And under-performing, expensive care.

We think there’s a better way. One that combines the human touch with scale you can only achieve through adaptive machine learning. This applies whether you are a healthcare provider, an insurance company, or a contract research organization.

Let’s scale empathy.

From driving personalized recruitment messaging for trials and preventing churn to adherence campaigns to complex, tailored behavioral health programming, Motiva AI is the next evolution in Patient Experience. PX engages patients and frees up patient-facing staff to improve health outcomes at lower cost.

PX: The Adaptive Patient Experience

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The core of Motiva PX is listening to and learning from patients in order to give them the support they need. Engagement in the service of health is our goal.

From recruitment campaigns to ongoing personalized behavioral programming, to tailored reminders, Motiva PX finds what works for patients and adapts your patient outreach strategy to them.

Fixing clinical trials

Clinical trials succeed or fail on the patients who participate. Recruitment, onboarding, ongoing engagement, and protocol adherence directly affect trial dynamics, costs, and validity. Typical recruitment and churn rates present basic challenges that put investments at risk.

Motiva PX surrounds patients with care and communications proactively – as an extension of the clinical site team, giving you scale that’s impossible to achieve with staff alone.  At the same time, it provides a new ways of collecting and combining vital patient data, from Real World Evidence and device sources to tailored surveys.

Motiva PX for Healthcare: Next Generation Patient Care

Connect, Inspire, Engage.

Motiva PX for Healthcare Patient Recruitment

Motiva PX can take on all digital communications with patients. Bring your messaging and other content, and PX will adapt it for patients as it learns. You always retain full control. Sample use cases:

  • Flu shot campaigns
  • Chronic disease management 
  • Personalized statements and billing
  • Adaptive surveys
  • Tailored offers and reminders
  • Behavioral health
  • And much more

Meet M: Your healthcare concierge

Everyone can use a personal concierge, so we created “M”. M works for both patients and frontline healthcare staff, acting as an easy, secure coordinator that makes everyone’s lives a little easier.

M can do lots of things. M knows enough about patient context to send proactive messaging in order to keep them engaged and informed. Patients can also ask questions can get answers, arrange for rides, and make appointments quickly and conveniently.

Healthcare staff can use M to monitor all communications and optionally step in to respond at any time. M allows staff to focus on delivering quality care, instead of answering phones.

Motiva PX for Healthcare Conversations

Better patient data = Health context awareness

Motiva PX for Healthcare Broadcasts

Motiva PX is more than simply an intelligent patient communications interface. It’s a new service delivery channel and data collection capability that can drive better outcomes.

From implicit behavioral response data, to explicit results from surveys, to optionally connected device data, Motiva PX opens a new chapter in not only how we communicate with patients, but how we understand and adapt to their needs in a truly personal way.

Secure and Compliant

Motiva AI takes data handling seriously.

We go beyond best practices and current legal requirements to ensure that we are protecting that data all along the way – from GDPR to GxP to HIPAA / HITECH and beyond. We are also engaged with the Data Guild in developing new methods of guaranteeing data protections and personal privacy.

You can find out more at our Trust and Privacy pages.

HIPAA Compliance


Motiva AI in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Built on a modern API-based cloud architecture, Motiva PX can support integrating with leading patient records and clinical trials management systems.

Let us know your needs and we can adapt Motiva PX to meet them.