Your Most Effective Campaign.

Every Time.

Motiva AI is Artificial Intelligence for Marketing.
It learns to adapt your messaging to customers automatically and delivers better conversion, at any scale.


Define an audience and any number of variations of messaging, and Motiva AI executes your best campaign for you.


Motiva AI learns by listening deeply to your customers and understanding what moves them.


Motiva AI organically adapts campaign strategy based on customer behavior for the best possible results.

Introducing Motiva AI

Your customers are tired of generic messaging. Motiva AI uses cutting-edge machine learning to automatically adapt marketing campaigns and engage your customers. Your best possible campaign - every time.

Hands-Free Optimization

Try out any number of message variations inside a campaign and let Motiva AI take care of figuring out which user should get which message.

Campaigns That Learn and Adopt

Say goodbye to vanilla, broadcast messaging. With Motiva AI, you launch campaigns that listen, learn, and adapt.

Segment Discovery

Motiva AI finds groups of potential customers and customer groups you didn't know existed.

Personalized Experiences

Motiva AI is a key component of your larger personalization strategy, complimenting your team and marketing technology stack.

Easy, Actionable Reporting

Beautiful, automated reporting and recommendations that help your team produce content that gets results.

Leverage Your Existing Investment

Motiva AI works WITH your existing marketing automation stack, helping you make the most of it.