The simple AI upgrade that supercharges your email marketing team.

Motiva AI gives your email marketing the same AI that Google uses for paid search.

An instant CTR increase of 25% within the first 90 days.

Increase opens, clicks, & purchases

Decrease spam, unsubs, & non-responders

Discover new segmentation opportunities

Introducing Motiva AI

Your customers are tired of generic messaging. We use cutting-edge AI to automatically adapt marketing campaigns and engage your customers. Your best possible campaign - every time.

Saves You Time

Automate manual measurement and analytics work. Save 1000+ hours per year. Famous 5-minute integration.

Hyperspeed A/B/n Testing

Say hello to A/B/n and multi-variate email message testing for your multi-step campaigns — in under 5 minutes.

Audience Discovery

Motiva AI finds new customer segments and buyer personas that you didn't know existed. Frequency Management helps you avoid contact fatigue.

Send When They Want To Engage

Per-Contact Send Time Optimization means every single contact gets your email at the exact right time for them over the course of seven days.

Intuitive Reporting

You don’t have to wait for an analyst to do complex evaluation of campaigns; we’ll help you understand performance with clean insights.


Motiva AI works WITH your existing marketing automation stack, helping you make the most of it and prove out ROI

How Does Motiva AI Work With Apple Mail Privacy Protection?

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Supercharge your Email Marketing Campaigns with a little AI magic.


  • We've discovered some surprising and valuable wins in determining how to improve open/clickthru rates

    Richard Joe – CoreLogic
  • Constant product development & cutting-edge updates like Send Time Optimisation. Wish I'd used it earlier!

    Neil de Jesus – CoreLogic
  • Seriously, once you have this power, you won't want to go back.

    Matthew Phillip – Mylo, A Lockton Company
  • It takes personalized communication and population segmentation to a new level.

    Tabitha Burcham – Change Healthcare
  • is literally the missing puzzle piece to A/B and multivariate testing in Eloqua.

    Brad Williams – MRM/McCANN
  • Rolling out Motiva at a number of drop-off points...reduced campaign churn by 50%. Just. Awesome.

    Morgan Desvignes – Unity Technologies
  • Motiva AI is providing real business results and has become essential to our Eloqua practice.

    Keith Roberts – Change Healthcare

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