How it Works: Reinforcement Learning

Why does Motiva's machine learning work so well?

Motiva AI Reinforcement Learning

At the heart of Motiva AI is special kind of machine learning called “reinforcement learning” that we’ve specially tuned for nurturing humans to take an action.  

It works like it sounds. As Motiva gets new behavioral signals like opens or clicks or conversions, it reinforces winning message variations. It learns what works, and does more of that. 

The variations can be anything at all. Send time, color, copy, from: address, whatever you can dream up.  

Good examples of other reinforcement learning engines are major advertising optimization engines like Google and Facebook.

Just like those products, Motiva actively learns what messaging strategies works best without any human intervention. 

The more you use it, the more Motiva learns.

Fun with AI!
Motiva & Privacy

Unlike other AI products, Motiva AI doesn’t expect good or even consistent data. In fact, we assume the data we get are relatively low quality.  

Our approach also preserves user privacy. We require no identifiable information or even demographics in order self-optimize. 

In a world where cookies and tracking are facing severe limitations and regulations, Motiva’s approach works exceedingly well. 

This is exactly the opposite of nearly every other marketing and sales related machine learning system today.   

You can learn more about our approach to machine learning in this three-part series from our Chief Scientist, Chris Diehl. Have a look!