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Our team combines deep experience in building machine learning products that make a practical difference in people’s lives. We’ve worked with Google, Microsoft, Proteus Digital Health, GlaxoSmithKline, AGL Energy, Amdocs and others. Some of us worked in national security, from developing collaboration technology to counterterrorism to deploying some of the first effective ML onto submarines. We’re all also members of The Data Guild, a mission-oriented product studio based in San Francisco and bring a passion for building solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

David Gutelius


A serial entrepreneur, Dave was Chief Social Scientist at Jive Software (JIVE) and CEO of Proximal Labs, a machine learning startup that personalized information in enterprise social networks. Prior to Proximal, and was co-founder and CTO at Social Kinetics, an AI spin-out from SRI International. Previously he was a member of SRI’s storied Artificial Intelligence Center, Product Manager for the largest machine learning project in the U.S. Government’s history (DARPA’s PAL program). He co-founded The Data Guild and is an active early stage investor and an advisor to GE Ventures, Accenture Technology Labs, and the World Economic Forum. He taught at Stanford University, and holds a PhD in Economic History from Johns Hopkins University.

Paul Lam

VP Engineering

Paul is a dangerous combination of software engineer and entrepreneur specializing in scaling social enterprise operations. One of his current projects is developing a micro-farming management mobile app for a Danish agriculture school in Mozambique to help the locals build sustainable micro-farming businesses. Previously, Paul was a lead engineer at a Y Combinator startup, a co-founder and CTO of Spokepoint, and a data scientist at uSwitch UK. He holds a M.A.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Toronto and a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo.

Matt Hill

VP Product

Matt is a software architect and engineer with extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining data products with a focus on interaction and visualization. He has been principal architect on numerous large-scale systems, including advanced analytics & reporting tools, a real-time product recommendation engine, and a Computerized Maintenance Management System designed to reduce building operation costs and energy use. Matt’s B.S. in Computer Science is from Washington University, with a focus on graphics and visualization.

Karim Jina

Head of Strategic Services

As an original member of the Eloqua professional services team and co-founder of Tegrita, Karim joins Motiva with more than 14 years of marketing automation experience. He has led more than 300 SmB and Enterprise client engagements including implementations, integrations, migrations and marketing strategy projects. Karim is passionate about helping clients maximize their return on MarTech investment through goal-driven, scalable, and flexible solutions. Karim has a Master of Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo.

Charlie O'Hanlon

Director of Sales

Charlie is a father, husband, mentor, and Motiva AI’s Director of Sales. He believes that being transparent and vulnerable are the fastest ways to build trust and lay the foundation for long-term relationships.

Jami Wissman

Software Engineer

Jami is a multi-talented engineer working to bring the Motiva AI user experience to life. As an undergrad at Principia College, she worked to establish a brand new Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  You should also ask her about dance. Jami’s  B.S. in Computer Science is from Principia.

Chaow Wu

Software Engineer

Chaow did his undergrad in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, and has completed 5 different internships in the domain of Data Science. From his experience, he is passionate about building robust systems coupled with novel algorithms to create working products geared towards a better world. His favorite sport is snowboarding, which he has practiced for 9 years. Artistically, he is a pianist with over 13 years of experience and is open to music project collaborations!

Frank Flavell

Customer Success

With a background in education, management consulting and data science, Frank has built a career out of making professionals more confident, workplaces more supportive and companies more profitable.  He specializes in building teams, setting up data-driven processes and training professionals in how to deliver the right customer value to succeed.

Scott Gutelius

Support Engineer

Scott has worked the front lines of tech support as a Senior Advisor at Apple, helped fine-tune the search algorithm for Google prior to the Panda update, and enjoys stress-testing software platforms. He’s also a B2B marketing copywriter, was once a tour guide in Key West, and has co-written four irreverent travel/history books. It’s what you do with a degree in Philosophy.

Beau Cronin
Beau Cronin

Principal Data Scientist

Beau is a product-focused technologist who loves to take a systems approach to identifying and solving problems. After undergraduate computer science training at UC Berkeley, he obtained his PhD in computational neuroscience from MIT in 2008. He went on to co-found two machine learning companies with fellow grad students, the second of which, Prior Knowledge, was acquired by Salesforce in 2012. At the Guild, Beau works to bring diverse teams and skillsets to bear on messy, complex problems. Beau lives in Berkeley, CA with his partner and their two daughters.

Cameron Turner

Principal Data Scientist

Cameron has an extensive background in applied machine learning, software management, venture investing, digital finance, and industrial AI systems. Through the Data Guild, his recent projects include mobile financial retention research in sub-Saharan Africa for The Gates Foundation and the fraud ranking system for Starbucks. He serves on the External Technology Advisory Board for Accenture with other Data Guilders. Cameron holds a BA from Dartmouth College, an MBA from Oxford University and MS in Statistics from Stanford.

Chris France

UX Engineer

Chris is a strategist with a background in product development, user experience research and interaction design. His work has focused on social issues such as healthcare, religious conflict, homelessness, city planning, election monitoring, urban violence, renewable energy and food security.

John Rizzo


John brings more than 35 years of experience helping to guide some of the world’s most successful technology companies through start-up phases, major product launches, branding and marketing campaigns, rapid growth, acquisitions and IPOs. President and COO of Deem, John has led a reinvention of business travel through technology and next-generation customer experience. He has held executive leadership positions at Intel, Apple, Oracle, SolarWinds, Jive, and Zeebo and serves as advisor to StartX and a number of sector-leading startups in the Silicon Valley and beyond.

Sandra Miley


One of the most accomplished and sought-after marketing leaders in Silicon Valley, Sandra has a long track record of marketing innovation.  Sandra has led teams at Brocade, Vocera, and Zymergen and serves as a board member at the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley and interim CEO of the United Way of Silicon Valley.

Devan Batavia


Devan has had the good fortune of wearing many hats in his startup life from business development, to product management to sales. For the last 10+ years, he’s built and led go-to-market teams for 3 organizations, one of which went public (Jive, valued at $1B+), the other acquired by Intuit, and most recently at TripActions (a private company now valued at $4B+). Building startups has fed his ambitions for years, and he’s at Enjoy The Work Advisors so that he could impact not just one startup, but rather a portfolio of them across the globe.

Chris Diehl
Chris Diehl

Founder/Chief Scientist

Chris co-founded The Data Guild with Dave and has led product development with a wide variety of clients, including Google ATAP, C3 Energy, and others. As the principal data scientist at Jive Software, Chris focused on designing and developing advanced analytics for enterprise social collaboration. Prior to Jive, Chris spent over ten years as a senior research scientist at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.



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