Gain clarity around bounces and disengagement and reduce your overall daily send volume.

How Motiva Dark Pool Improves Email Deliverability

Despite the maturity of email as a marketing channel (or maybe because of it), it’s surprisingly difficult to determine why an email isn’t delivered to a contact’s inbox.  Nobody wants to comb through bounceback reports. Even if you did, what do you do with the information?  Metrics outside of the simplistic bounceback rate, which itself is open to interpretation, are almost non-existent.  Long story short: Marketers don’t know why messages are bouncing and they’re left mystified as to why so many “healthy” contacts aren’t engaging.

Motiva’s Dark Pool reporting fills this gap by enhancing your contact data with bounceback messaging to better understand what’s actually happening with engagement and deliverability. Dark Pool uncomplicates bounceback analysis, giving you the best part of bounceback messages without having to dig through complicated reports.

With Dark Pool, you get a visual summary of the overall health of your contact database as well as the quality of your communication with every domain you email.  Filtering helps you quickly isolate the most important domains you email and narrow in on the obstacles to your deliverability.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for using Dark Pool to level up your deliverability game…

1. Use Dark Pool in combination with a bounceback tool like ZeroBounce 

Instead of checking every email address in your contact database, use Dark Pool to narrow down your list by removing email addresses that are clearly unreachable.  For example, there’s no reason to check an email address if the contact has left the organization and the inbox is no longer active.  Save money and validate a smaller group.

2. Isolate the top domains you email and determine the health of your communication.

Not all contacts and domains in your database are of equal value.  Some domains are your key accounts and customers while others are just window shopping using a consumer email account like gmail.  Use Dark Pool to isolate your key accounts, analyze the health of your communication, discover why messages are bouncing and take action to improve your deliverability.

3. Filter out seriously disengaged and unreachable contacts from your email sends.

Every unreachable contact you email is another data point that Email Service Providers use to determine your sender reputation.  The more unreachable contacts you email on a regular basis, the worse your sender reputation becomes. Motiva’s Smart Suppress decision service step for the campaign canvas protects your sender reputation by automatically holding back the unreachable contacts in your segments from getting an email.

4. Free up space in your MAP contact database for better quality contacts and save money on your software license.

Removing unreachable contacts makes space for new reachable contacts.  And, considering the price of your MAP is based on the number of contacts in your overall audience, this could help you save money or, at the very least, get better results with the same contact limit.

5. Control send frequency using Frequency Management and reduce your overall daily send volume with Send Time AI.

Email Service providers evaluate the volume of emails they receive from your domain every day.  High volumes are a spam indicator and will impact how ESPs treat your emails, whether it’s flagging more of your messages as spam or blocking them completely.

Motiva’s Frequency Management (FM) system helps you control the number of emails you send to contacts and combining FM with Dark Pool allows you to adjust frequency depending on contact quality.  Healthy contacts who are likely to respond get a higher send frequency while unhealthy contacts who are unlikely to respond get a much lower send frequency.

Send Time AI also breaks up your big sends into smaller batches based on ideal send time and schedules email sends over the course of a week, dramatically reducing your daily send volume.  The result is a send pattern that ESPs trust and will help protect your domain reputation.