The Powerful Combination of Motiva Message Testing & Generative AI

Motiva Generator™ uses cutting-edge, fine-tuned Large Language Models to generate new variations of your marketing content. When combined with our industry leading Message Testing AI, you now have a way to automate both content creation and optimization that saves time.


Testing: Let’s review!


Message Testing has several key elements – often owned by different people – that can make testing difficult to consistently implement:

Fortunately, Motiva’s Message Testing AI consolidates campaign canvas setup and automates reporting, making content testing much easier for Marketing Automation Specialists.

With Motiva Message Testing AI, you don’t need to randomize and split audiences into test groups, calculate the winning version using statistics, setup new architecture for the winning version, or run convoluted reports in Eloqua Insights to show performance. 


All of this is automated, resulting in big time savings. On average, Motiva users can expect a savings of 3-4 hours per test run over other testing methods.

Until now, Message Test strategy, content development and asset creation have always slowed the process down.  But with the rapid progress we’ve made in Large Language Models and Generative AI, we can soon dramatically speed up these steps as well.

Message Test Strategy

Using Motiva Generator, you can quickly design an experiment to improve your open or click rates. Instead of trying to come up with ideas, it can build out a strategy for you in just a few clicks.

Content Development


With a clear strategy in place, Generative AI can quickly develop distinct and compelling content versions for you to choose from and refine.  A blank page is often the most daunting obstacle of content development.  Generative AI kick starts the writing process so you can dig into adapting and editing content for your specific use case. Here’s a simple example of generating a subject line from copy.


Variation creation



Building email assets for each content version adds another layer of work and time to Message Tests.  Imagine generating all the email assets you need for a test with the click of a button. In this example, we generate some new email variations…

Once you’re satisfied with your variations, send them to a Motiva Message Testing step on your canvas, activate, and watch Motiva do its thing. Using Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback (RLHF), Motiva will figure out which version(s) are best and automatically boost those in your campaign sends.

Closing the loop, you can use winning variations in your future Motiva Generator creation. We Now you’ve got a full-circle automated content optimization system!

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