Motiva AI: Machine Learning for Email Marketing

Looking to do more with less? Of course you are. Supercharge your email marketing with Motiva AI. 

You’ll save hundreds of hours a year in productivity, while delivering stellar results. From Send Time Optimization and automated multivariate message testing to on-the-fly contact database hygiene and email frequency management, Motiva has the tools you need to refine your email marketing strategy using data-driven insights.

Better results with greater efficiency. That’s Motiva AI.

Send Time AI: Learns the Best Send Times for Each Contact

Time Windows report

Our patented Send Time optimization predicts the best send time for engagement for each one of your contacts, which typically increases your unique clickthrough rate by 25% or more. No manual effort or guessing is required. 

You can also use our reporting to monitor the overall best send time slots for your audiences on a handy 24 x 7 grid.

Dark Pool Cleanup: Data Cleaning On Demand

Your email marketing success starts with a clean contact database. Without regular data cleaning, you may be making strategic marketing decisions based on bad data. Garbage in, garbage out.

Our Dark Pool Cleanup tool shows you at-a-glance exactly how good (or bad) your contact database is, along with our recommended actions to take.

Even better, you can implement these recommendations on-the-fly with our new Smart Suppress decision step. Want to skip unreachable contacts that are dragging down your metrics? It’s as simple as checking a box. 

Automated Multivariate Message Testing

Clickthrough Rate example

Go beyond simple A/B testing for greater efficiency.

Load up your multiple variations, activate your campaign, and Motiva AI will take care of the rest. Don’t worry about randomizing your populations, figuring out statistical significance, or defining test and control groups. Motiva does it all.

Unlike any other AI solution out there, Motiva AI supports true multivariate testing and optimization. 

Avoid Contact Fatigue with Frequency Management

How much is too much? Take the guesswork out of contact fatigue with Motiva’s frequency intelligence. 

Take a look at our reporting to know the exact point at which your prospects start unsubscribing. 

Set your email frequency limits and priority based on these insights, and we’ll take care of all the management in the background.

Automatically Discover New Audience Segments

Who Responded report

Get new insights as Motiva AI discovers new audience groups for you. Use that to tweak your targeting, content, and lead generation strategies. 

No extra setup required! Saves hundreds of hours per year in analysis time.

You can also define custom personas based on segments or any other selection of contact attributes and get Motiva’s precise performance insights for the customers you care most about.

Speed Up Content Generation with Subject Line Generator

Motiva includes the most sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze your subject lines and pre-headers to give precise scoring and active advice.

We’ll analyze your email assets across five key dimensions and evaluate characteristics like tone and readability, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Need variations quickly? No problem. Just press the Generate Variations button and you’ll have five more subject lines for immediate deployment.

Five-Minute Install and Setup

Motiva AI in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Yes it’s true: marketing tech that’s easy to install and nothing to maintain!

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Permission Motiva AI for your team.
  3. Profit!

Fully Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant

Your data is your data and Motiva AI takes data handling seriously.

We go beyond best practices and current legal requirements to ensure that we are protecting that data all along the way.

You can find out more at our Trust and Privacy pages.

HIPAA Compliance

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