Motiva AI Cloud for Oracle Eloqua

Add Motiva AI to Oracle Eloqua take your marketing team to the next level. Motiva AI saves your team hundreds of hours per year in labor while it improves your entire marketing practice, from audience definition and discovery to messaging optimization to funnel performance. Think of Motiva AI as a powerful new member of your team.

Finds weak campaigns for you

Motiva AI finds and suggests places where it might quickly boost performance for you by scanning all of your current, active Eloqua campaigns.

You can pick from the suggestions, or run Motiva AI anywhere you’d like.

Works seamlessly with any multistep campaign

You’ve invested time in getting your campaigns designed and configured. Now let Motiva AI help you make the most of that investment.

Motiva AI replaces native Eloqua logic steps and takes care of all the hard stuff in the background, without any help. 

Just drag your Motiva AI step onto the canvas, give it a bit of configuration, and you’re done! It takes five minutes.

Executes multivariate messaging experiments

Once you activate your campaign, Motiva AI will take care of the rest – from true randomized subsampling populations to setting up and executing experiments. Look, Ma: no hands!

Unlike any other AI solution out there, Motiva AI supports true multivariate optimization. Go ahead: throw it 15 subject lines, 9 preheaders, 20 graphics, and four layouts. We can handle it.

You can always review what Motiva AI is doing via elegant, real-time reporting. You don’t have to do anything except watch the most sophisticated machine intelligence engine working away on your behalf.



Adapts your campaign for you

As Motiva AI learns what works with your audience, it will “rebalance” your messaging portfolio automatically, doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Better than A/B: Motiva AI squeezes out more performance than A/B/N testing and helps avoid human error and bias.

No need to do anything manually, or select a “winner”, or guess what the results mean and then set up a follow on campaign. 

Automatically discovers new audience segments

As more campaign results roll in, you can use Motiva AI to see which audiences and responding with which variations in messaging.

Use Motiva’s reporting to validate your assumptions about who your customer are.

Get new insights as Motiva AI discovers new audience groups for you. Use that to tweak your targeting, content, and lead generation strategies. 


Finds your best send times

Motiva Ai automatically finds the optimal send time slots for your audiences and suggests your best bets on a handy 24 x 7 grid.

Use these suggestions to restrict send times and get even better response rates. 



Famous Five-Minute Setup

Yes it’s true: marketing tech that’s easy to install and nothing to maintain!

  1. Download and install the app from your Eloqua account.
  2. Permission Motiva AI for your team.
  3. Profit!

Fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant

Your data is your data and Motiva AI takes data handling seriously.

We go beyond best practices and current legal requirements to ensure that we are protecting that data all along the way.

You can find out more at our Trust and Privacy pages.