How to Reach More of Your Audience Through Segmentation

One of the many benefits of using Motiva AI for your email marketing campaigns is its ability to reveal new insights about your audience.

In standard A/B testing, many platforms will tell you which email performed best. This is a great start. You can identify, in broad terms, what sort of messaging resonates with the widest cross-section of your audience.

Motiva does this too but doesn’t stop there.  What about those “weaker” emails?  Are they really of no use at all and just destined for the trash bin?

Maybe. Maybe not. You may discover a new segment or buyer persona that you haven’t reached with the majority of your messaging.

The first step in determining the actual worth of those email variations is to be sure you’ve set up the default segmentation reporting fields in Motiva. Make certain the Contact Attributes under the Who’s Responding tab are those best suited and most meaningful for your team. We have an article on how to configure these reports to make the best use of them.

Once those are in place, take a look at some of your multivariate message testing campaign results. Click on the Who’s Responding tab, and you’ll see how each email performed for each of those Contact Attributes.

In the example shown below, you can see that one email variation resonated with Large enterprise and SMB personas, while another appeals to Mid-Market personas.

This report shows that while one email may have been more popular overall, you can now build on the content from the less popular email to reach a much broader audience overall. Here’s how.

Take the Contact Attributes you’d like to target and build a Buyer Persona around it. Check out our guide to creating Buyer Personas for more details on the configuration. In short, you can create custom personas based on the most relevant data points in Eloqua.

By monitoring the Persona reports, you’ll know if your messages are hitting the mark. They’ll show you how far above (or below) your global average the email variation is for opens, clicks, and the click-to-open ratio, as well as the percentage of your audience that fits that particular persona.

And a Pro Tip: these insights can apply to more than just your email marketing strategy. Once you’ve uncovered a segment, you can use those insights across multiple marketing channels, like social and advertising.

These insights are why we often advise our customers to be bold in their multivariate message testing. While not every email is a guaranteed success, you may uncover segments that will allow you to personalize content. This leads to increased audience engagement, which enhances your bottom line. Everybody wins!

You can learn more about configuring and interpreting Buyer Personas in Motiva by taking a look at this article.

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