Motiva’s Product Announcements | May 2023

This month we have some significant updates to Motiva that will improve and expand usability and reporting. 

Our first upgrade is for our Frequency Management feature, which allows you to limit the number of emails a contact will receive in a specific time period, thereby reducing the likelihood of contact fatigue and its cascading consequences. 

Originally Frequency Management was designed as a behind-the-scenes function configured within the Motiva app and applied to all your email messaging (with the option to override or get even more specific with additional FM rules). 

Now, you can use Frequency Management anywhere on the Eloqua canvas.

Frequency Management Decision Service

Introducing Motiva’s Frequency Management Decision Service, available directly from the Eloqua canvas. You can use this new Decision Service in any flow and apply it to any other step on the canvas, including non-Motiva steps. 

Yup! As long as the FM Decision step appears upstream in the campaign flow, Motiva will monitor those contacts to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed with messaging, which can lead to contact fatigue, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and reduced email deliverability.

Additionally, this update addresses a bug we’ve encountered a few times. In cases where a contact was part of two campaigns running simultaneously, there were instances where that contact received emails during the same send hour – the opposite of what one would expect from Frequency Management. With the FM Decision Service, this scenario won’t happen. Hooray!

You can read more about it in our new help article

Our second update is for the data geeks out there… which is probably most of you.

Performance Reporting Dashboard

We now provide enhanced metrics data through our new Performance Reporting Dashboard. Here’s a quick overview.

Let’s say you want to compare a recurring campaign’s recent performance to previous campaign performance.

You would start by going to the Performance tab and typing the name of that campaign into the Text Filter. As you’re typing, you’ll see campaigns that match what you’ve entered, and you can simply select the desired campaign.

Then you can select the desired time period. For this example, you’d want to choose the most recent month to limit the scope of the results.

The dashboard will then update to compare the results. If a particular metric has improved compared to the rolling 12-month average, that metric will be green in the top bar. If performance has deteriorated, it will appear in red. If there’s been no change, the results appear in yellow.

You can also compare recent overall performance to the 12-month average or limit the results to view the metrics of a particular persona. This reporting can be handy not only to measure your marketing success on an ongoing basis but also when it comes time for your performance review.

Plus, you also have the options to Save and Share your filters with other members of your team, provided they have both Eloqua and Motiva login credentials.

For additional information on how to use and share these reports, check out our in-depth help article.

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