Personalizing Email Frequency for an Outsized Impact

Deeper frequency optimization is now easily accessible with Motiva’s latest release.

You’ve heard about Send Time AI and content optimization using Multivariate Message Testing, but have you explored Frequency Optimization and Management?

Figuring out the best cadence for communicating with a contact and adjusting your email frequency can have a big impact on your business results, whether it’s simply engagement or down funnel metrics like registrations and revenue.

Adjusting frequency to match your contacts’ preferences helps you get more from your core audience and reduce unsubscribes from your wall flowers.  You can also prevent GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, and CPA complaints by not over-sending and over-saturating disengaged contacts.

To make this possible, we recently updated our Frequency Management system to support Multiple Frequency Limits, empowering you to create, save, and deploy custom email cadences based on segment, region, campaign, or any other parameter that makes sense for your organization.

While having one rule for Frequency Management works well for general audiences, like everything else in marketing, we wanted to allow for deeper personalization and better, granular control.

So, we did it.

Once you’ve identified a particular frequency threshold for a specific world region, you can create a rule for it. Motiva will take care of all the traffic management in the background for you – across all your campaigns.

And you can have any number of different frequency thresholds to meet any number of use cases. 

Have a segment of superfans that engage with every email, no matter how many you send? They get their own rule.

Have a particular type of email that needs its own cadence? Just create and select the rule when you’re sending out those types of emails.

Of course, just as before, you can override any frequency restrictions for any email, which is handy for things like Welcome emails, transactional emails, or other urgent communications.

How Does It Work?

There are a couple of ways you can use the Multiple Frequency Limits.

You can set up your new limits ahead of time by logging into the Motiva app, clicking on the Frequency tab, and then heading to Configuration.

You’ll still see your organization’s original Frequency configuration, but now you’ll see a new link that says, “Click here to update your organization’s FM rules.”

Clicking that link will bring up a new dialog box where you can define a new Frequency limit. Simply select the maximum number of emails and the time period, give it a name that will make it recognizable, click Save, then Done. And your new FM Rule is ready to use.

You can also create them on the fly!

As you are configuring a Motiva step on your canvas, deselect Override frequency check under Frequency Management settings, and you will see all the FM Rules created by your team members.

From there, it’s the same process. Click on the link to update your organization’s FM rules, select your desired frequency limits, click Save, then Done, and your new rule is ready to use.

One note: Frequency Management only works with Motiva steps on the Eloqua canvas. If you have other campaigns running outside of Motiva control, our platform will not be able to take those into account when determining frequency.

So, which segment, region, or email will be the first to get its own special Frequency Limit? Totally up to you…

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