Motiva Awarded U.S. Patent for Email Send Time Optimization

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has just issued a patent covering Motiva’s AI approach to send time optimization (STO). We’re excited to have that recognition and protection for what we think is the most innovative, effective send time optimization system in the world. 

What makes Motiva AI’s STO so good?

In a nutshell, Motiva Send Time AI learns the best time to send an email to an individual which will ultimately result in human engagement on a per-contact basis. We don’t care about “top-of-inbox” (it’s a myth). All we care about is that the time we send an email will most likely result in that human engagement.

We use a combination of activity history, like modeling, and constant experimentation. We also never assume have the perfect strategy for everyone, even if – statistically – it seems like we do.

This combination of per-contact experimentation and reinforcement learning gives our STO system an edge.

Most STO systems today are simply averaging across whole populations’ open times. In some instances,  they will simply use the last time you opened an email and send it then. 

These approaches fail in a number of ways.

  • Individual behavior doesn’t average well. Averaging typically doesn’t help improve engagement in a meaningful way.
  • Non-human interactions – both opens and clicks tend to fool these systems. 
  • Over-reliance on contact history means you often don’t have anything to go on. With these kinds of contacts, existing systems just give up and send your email immediately. 
  • There is no solution if a contact changes their email interaction pattern, for example changing a daily routine for reading emails. 


Marketers often get WORSE performance using these weak STO systems than NOT using them.

With Motiva AI’s STO, we typically see anywhere from 15% to 100% improvement in unique click-thru rate in just a few weeks. And it’s consistent across our customers. 

Coupled with a smart approach to contact data cleanliness with Motiva AI’s Dark Pool Cleanup, our STO features and analytics give marketers best-in-class tools to deliver personalized email outreach strategies.

For more information on Motiva AI’s Send Time Optimization feature see our Resource Center or book a quick demo below!